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Lautrec Pink Garlic 

Lautrec Pink Garlic is a Protected Geographical Indication indicating a specific production of garlic from the Lautrec, commune in the Tarn department in southern France.

This crop has been, since 1966, listed under the French Label Rouge "ail rose" (pink garlic)  and under the protected geographical indication Ail Rose de Lautrec (Lautrec Pink Garlic) since June 12, 1996. The Label Rouge certification is an official French mark of quality that guarantees the superior quality of the product awarded.



Lautrec pink garlic is characterized by its pink tunicas, its extended dormancy (allowing its delayed marketing until spring) and by its rigid floral stem that produces clusters of garlic (called "manouilles") instead of braids as with traditional garlic.

The garlic has a highly developed flavor. Due to the extended drying time (a minimum of 15 days), it is well-suited to long-term storage.



The pink garlic has been popular in Lautrec since the Middle Ages. Stories are told of a wandering merchant who was unable to pay for his meal at a local tavern; he settled his bill with a mysterious pink garlic. The surprised tavern owner decided to plant it and the pink garlic has been common to the area ever since

The only produce to be accorded the famous Label Rouge! Its subtle flavour is much appreciated by the region’s chefs. This pink garlic has been found here since the Middle Ages; it is grouped into clusters known as “manouilles“, not plaited, as the stalk is rigid.


The Pink Garlic Fair

Lautrec's pink Garlic Fair is held every year on the friday and saturday of august and thousands of visitors.

Created in the 1970s, it now has many highlights : record of the longest braid, artistic arrangement competition, free tasting of Lautrec's Pink Garlic Soup, culinary competition...


This is also an occasion for the Lautrec Pink Garlic brotherhood to meet in order to enrol new members (French and international personalities) who become passionate advocates of the Lautrec Pink Garlic cause.

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